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A Lifetime by Ron Butlin

In 100 Poems, poetry on February 15, 2009 at 7:29 pm

Title: A Lifetime
Author: Ron Butlin
Number: 92/100
Allocated postcode: EH11

A Lifetime

For twenty-eight years I have been watching these swans
rise into the air;
with their wings they beat the trees and canal bank into pieces
as they lift themselves up.

You say that everything will be restored afterwards,
and it is taking you a lifetime to say this.

As the swans rise into the air I turn to kiss you,
but you are watching how the stone you have thrown
remains in the sky.

A Recipe for Whisky by Ron Butlin

In 100 Poems, poetry on February 15, 2009 at 7:24 pm

Title: A Recipe for Whisky
Author: Ron Butlin
Number: 91/100
Allocated postcode: EH1

A Recipe for Whisky

Wring the Scottish rain clouds dry;
take sleet, the driving snow, the hail;
winter twilight; the summer’s sun slowed down
to pearl-sheen dusk on hillsides, city-roofs,
on lochs at midnight.
And, most of all, take the years that have already run
to dust, the dust we spill behind us . . .

All this, distill. And cask. And wait.
The senselessness of human things resolves
to who we are – our present fate.
Let’s taste, let’s savour and enjoy.
Let’s share once more.
Another glass for absent friends. Pour
until the bottle’s done.

Here’s life! Here’s courage to go on!