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Poets Thank you for your interest but the Edinburgh based poetry submissions are now closed.

Filmmakers please let us know which poem you are interested in adapting. Confirm your interest by emailing filmthiscollection[at] with the following information:

Contact (e-mail/telephone):
Area of interest: (Producer/Director/Cameraperson/Editor/Actor/Technical/Other):
Links to showreel if any:

If you would like to make a film but have limited experience
Free DIY filmmaking workshops by experienced filmmakers will also be held in public locations around the city throughout the year. Watch this Space.

Filmmakers must be available for pre and post production interviews or make videologs of their process available online. Alternative suggestions of modes of capturing these processes are welcome.
Formats accepted: Film, Mini DV, .AVI, .MOV, .WAV, .MPEG,
We do not accept embedded DVD menu based formats.

Excerpts of your work may be used for publicity purposes e.g trailers etc.
Please submit a still .jpg (approx.180mm x 130mm)
Please note that for exhibition and distribution purposes we may have to edit your submissions.

We will endeavour to showcase your work in the following areas:

    as an excerpt on an online map alongside the poems
    as part of a short film festival with poetry performances
    as part of a documentary about the process with select films showcased for entry to various festivals
    on a Vimeo channel hosting excerpts of the work submitted, videologs and other behind the scenes footage where appropriate

You own full rights to your work for submission to festivals/ distribution channels of your own choice. Please indicate the creative common licence which you would like your work to have.

All are welcome — the more the merrier. Spread the word and don’t be afraid to get in touch and ask questions if you have them!


Ongoing collection until further notice.

Where do I send my submissions?

We ONLY accept films that are BASED on/ inspired by the poems in thiscollection.

All film/artworks in the credits/promotion material must mention clearly:

1) Poet’s name and poem title

There are two submissions you will need to do:

1)      Upload to Youtube or Vimeo

Write a clear blurb about the adaptation process.
This could be an anecdote from the production or
a note to the poet who will see your interpretation.

DO Submit the link of the video to filmthiscollection[at]

2)      Please send a disc for exhibitions, do not embed the videos in a DVD menu:

–          Full Resolution ( if possible)
–          1280×780 .mov/.avi
–          Any other dimensions please indicate on the disc.
As long as it is the best quality film given the technology used we will accept it.
( e.g if your camera can only shoot 640 x 480 that is fine.)
–          Time in mins and seconds

By Post

Att: thiscollection c/o Stefanie Tan
Historical Critical Studies
The Glasgow School of Art
167 Renfrew Street
G3 6RQ


Upload your film via online platforms like YOUSENDIT, DROPBOXWetransfer  or other such secure sites.
These are time consuming methods so leave plenty of time to do this so you can make the deadlines.

Email filmthiscollection[at] if you have any queries, need a crew or wish to contact a poet.

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