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Farewell Welfare: What can be done?

In Uncategorized on May 5, 2011 at 12:52 pm

Ming Tse interprets Cathy McCormack's message

Friday the 13th and no spooks or serial killers, but a horror of a different kind and you are the heroes.

In face of a community eroded, a division between them and us, systematic stigmitisation and destabilisation of ties that bind, is an apolitcal united front possible?

This Friday the 13th we invite anyone who seeks an alternative to join us to face these demons to dig deep into the dusty forgotten toolkit to recover the power of our hands and feet to see what we can begin to do together.


Conversation with Cathy McCormack: What can be done? Free Film Screening

Activist Campaigner Cathy McCormack was forced to try and keep her three children alive on welfare away back in 1982 when Britain was changed from an industrial to a money market economy; she managed to inspire both rich and poor who supported her to go on a journey all over the world in search of the truth. Now Cathy has come home, and would love to share and engage in real conversations with people who are really interested in asking the same questions and exploring possible solutions. She shares her powerful film “At the Sharp End of the Knife” (52mins) about her visit to the townships of South Africa to meet fellow activists building the ‘New’ South Africa. She may be dodging the bullets, but finds energy and inspiration in the people she meets as she makes intriguing parallels with their lives, and her own back in Glasgow’s infamous Easterhouse housing project.


The screening is preceeded by a unique writer group that meets at 2pm, they share their co-operative practice that has developed over the past 18 months through self governance. Though they originally began in Hillhead Library, the negotiation of use in Public spaces may mean the group will have to migrate soon. Come discover your voice, be inspired perhaps to start your own group to share experiences. Cathy, author of Wee Yellow butterfly, shares her activist writing experience with the group as well.

Entry is Free, All Welcome. The venue can get drafty so please wrap warm and hope to see you there.

Special thanks to for their support in Glasgow


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