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Property & Theft 25th March 230pm & 630pm

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Visit the Impromptu Unofficial Debt Counsellor

Property and Theft’s opening night in Tollcross was a vibrant success. It brought deep questions about capitalism to the fore through play and creativity. From live impromptu performances of second hand books came scenes form Chekov,”The Cherry Orchard” and a dramatised fragment of “On the Shore of the Wide World” by Simon Stephens celebrated by the curious and sporting participants.

Thiscollection poems inspired Open Source Theatre’s work which seeks to investigate life in decaying capitalism. Visit the impromptu unofficial debt counsellor or take a chance to engage with Rita the gypsy confessional where your consumerist soul will receive due consequence. If the lovingly crafted venue does not charm you into acquiescence then the security guard will address you accordingly. Macy’s market store offers a treasure trove of found remnants of simple pleasures and oddities, yet each object draws out more than just a transaction, if you wish to know more, engage and see.

The session rounds up with an auction of Skills, and the lively barter and trade offer up an alternative definition of surplus in an age of Austerity.

The question remains at the end of this magical spontaneous experience, is have we reaffirmed capitalism or challenged it through the dance.


Open Source Theatre Company is developing a project with This Collection poems and Tollcross Community Centre’s Adult Learning Project called “Property and Theft”: it is an interactive theatre project about daily life in a decaying capitalist society. Their blog has more updates of how the process developed.

Last chance to catch this unique intervention
Friday March 25th 2011
Maitinee 2:30pm
Evening 6:30pm

Performances last for an hour and are followed by 30 mins of open discussion about issues raised.

For more info see this blog entry on the Guardian.

Property & Theft: Interactive Theatre March 11 & 25th


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