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Poets in search of filmmakers –>FFF – Films@The Forest Fundraiser!

In 100 Poems, Community, film, poetry on February 23, 2011 at 12:13 am

Films glorious films...

ALL thiscollection’s films collected to date will be screened in the Forest this FRIDAY 25th Feb 2011. Films from local talent are being screened from 3pm onwards.

Seek out a filmmaker who will bring your poem to life.

This is a fundraising event to help save the Forest Café. The Forest is under threat of closure due to the bankruptcy of its landlords, the EUS. Read more here.

17.20-17.50: Break, Soundtrack Jam
Have your coffee, go for a smoke or play your guitar or anything that you find! Some of the thiscollection short movies don’t have any music in them, and we’re planning to ask you, viewers, to create a soundtrack for it. Anyone can join in! Doesn’t matter if you’re not a musician or you don’t have your instrument with you, take some spoons or sing. You have more or less half an hour to improvise and rehears together and then to perform when you get the sign… And the fun part: this Jam will actually be filmed and used in a future project of Glue Factory, Glasgow.

17.50 – 19.40: This Collection
Sit back and enjoy this vivid snapshot of the range of creative talent auld
reekie has to offer through poetry and film art! is a copy left non-hierarchical, non-curatorial experiment to engage film with local poems set in the postcodes of Edinburgh.
Every scratch, every shake, every poetic pause in our digital canvas makes art a right not a privilege, and our terms of engagement must shift.
Familiar streets and scenes take on a new look from these films collected to date, all
short poetic vignettes and some imaginative reinterpretations of poems written by
poets from all walks of life.

Flash fiction writing challenge based on short films shown by This Collection. You can submit a short 100 word flash fiction based on one or several of the poems/films by the end of the screening and access a workshop where you can develop it. Thoughtful submissions will be published along with the poems.

The fee to enter this challenge is £2 and all proceeds go to the Forest Fundraiser.

Organic, home made pop corn sale…
Forest Goodies…
TV-s in the gallery…

We’d like to thank ALL the amazing people who are participating to this event by giving us their films, all the ECA students, This Collection, and the Word of Mouth Café. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

For the FULL, DETAILED PROGRAM and more info on film activities at the Forest, check out FFF’s website.


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