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Build your own filmmaking kit: Smart Tips For DIY Filmmakers

In 100 Poems, Community, film on February 19, 2011 at 8:18 pm

A self build track dolly on a Western themed film Chris made (2009) Inset: Chris Brooks

Christopher Brooks is an Edinburgh filmmaker who has built and modified many pieces of equipment and props for projects over the past few years. In the past he has worked for the BBC (including time spent designing DIY projects for a programme on BBC One) and has experience filming events, working on commercial shorts and on many local short films as cinematographer, producer, director or writer. He is also a photographer specialising in headshots and runs his own website:

A hands-on workshop with demonstrations of how homemade equipment can be made to do as good a job as the professional equivalent, including a discussion about the creative reasons for using DIY equipment and what benefits can be brought narratively or stylistically to a film.

Christopher will explain how to make equipment for smooth camera motion including jibs, fig rigs, steadicams, car mounts & dollies and how to replace or modify lenses to give a 35mm look, or tilt-shift, or a pinhole effect. He will also talk about DIY & home solutions to lighting and filtering light.

There will be examples of homemade equipment to demonstrate how they are constructed, including a track dolly and a home lighting set up, and we will record some footage using this equipment to show the potential to get great, unique looking footage.

The Challenge:All films made in the workshops will be based on your own personal response to a poem from
All workshops are free but donations are welcome.

Friday 4th March 6-9pm
Customised follow up workshops on Mondays in March will be determined after the first session.

The Art Room @
Tollcross Community Centre
117 Fountainbridge
Edinburgh EH3 9QG
View map

To book your place email Christopher Brooks:

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