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Power comes from risking ourselves in creation.

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Anna Dickie adapts Dorothy Baird's poem "Currie"

Dear community,

Snow daze and school’s out. This week has seen a real wave of Universities being Occupied across the UK – part of the anti-cut movement to guard the social wage. The questions and debates raised by the union between workers and youth are reminders of idealism, optimism and motivated by social justice to bring about dialogue and engagement to a slumbering populace drugged by mass media, anxious about complicity, all the while forgetting the real power latent within each of us.

The snow wipes out old roads and our feet carve out new paths. We delight in the snow as if a return to innocence and in awe the accumulative effect of each tiny snowflake gathers into powerful 10 inch high snowbanks disrupting business as usual, complacent routines and nightmare slumbers. I thank Stan Reeves, Tollcross Community Center for the following quote:
Power comes from risking ourselves in creation.
Ourselves, the least practiced habit of being as a collective, come risk and be with us in this momentous time and get involved.

Updates from thiscollection:

Film workshops 17th January 2011
We are in negotiations with Tollcross Community Center’s Adult Learning Project to hold more public 1 day workshops for film making in Jan – March 2011. We have joining us Austin Muirhead from the very exotic Gulf Islands Film and Television School , Galiano Island, British Columbia where cult documentary filmmakers like Jennifer Abbott ( The Corporation) and Brett Gaylor (RiP!A Remix Manifesto) have affiliations. With Austin’s help we hope to complete the last of our 50 unadapted poems. YES we have only 50 LEFT!
If we cannot secure the space, we are looking for folk who may wish to host workshops in their postcode for their community? All we need is a space for 15-20 folk, access to power outlets and hot drinks for a full day. Let us know if there are public spaces near you which could host us for no to low cost. If you would like to join us as shoot mentors or contribute to the filmmaking class please get in touch: film[at]

Our showcase in May 2011 in The Glue Factory is still in the works so if you are up for participating and have submitted a poem or a film you are welcome to help co-curate the space and the week long program: poetry readings, panel discussions, creative writing workshops, on site performances, please do get in touch. We aim to show ALL the films we could not show in our previous showcases so please bring your talent, ideas and submissions to the fore. DEADLINE end MARCH 2011

We are also planning for a St Andrews invasion and will keep all posted once details have been confirmed.

Full house at Utter! the Edinburgh PBH Free Fringe


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