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In other words… why we do what we do.

In Uncategorized on September 13, 2010 at 6:08 pm

Special thanks to Justin Vitello for this link. If you can spare the time to watch this ted talk we hope you will find how thiscollection came into being and if you are moved get in touch with us to get involved, really get stuck in and help us out, we are far from perfect but we know with your voice we can truly flourish. Whether you’d like to host a filmpoem party in your street, organise a mini festival and invite poets round, help improve the site, know of a hstorical fact one of the poems have triggered, host a filmmaking workshop, wish to act or crew in someone’s fiilmpoem or just start a conversation to turn “the lonely city” into a street of smiles or a shared secret. Please feel free to initiate some kind of wonderful with these humble words and places by leaving comments on poems that interest you or here on this blog or on our fb page, we’re all ears and look forward to your thoughts and ideas. We are poets, film artists, digital dinosaurs riding the cyber tsunami age on chopsticks all with the intention to remind the by now obese consumers of culture that poetry is potent and the age of experimentation is upon us – seize the day and only connect.


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