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Tradesmen Visit by Finlay Gall

In 100 Poems, poetry on February 15, 2009 at 5:22 pm

Title: Tradesmen Visit
Author: Finlay Gall
Number: 82/100
Allocated postcode: EH10

Tradesmen Visit

He calls before to check I’m home,
to ask about street parking.
I won’t show my frustration
though I’ve been waiting all morning.

Only doing what I’ve been taught,
I ask ‘Tea or coffee?’ He says ‘No’.
He did press ‘Tradesmen’ after all,
and hasn’t come here for talking.

So, I think of something to say:
‘No right angles left in this flat!’
He says, ‘Aye’, has heard that before.
I wish I could take it back.

These visits make me feel pathetic
I’m just happy they’re over quick.

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