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The Pubic Triangle by Chris Lindores

In 100 Poems, poetry on February 15, 2009 at 4:46 pm

Title: The Pubic Triangle
Author: Chris Lindores
Number: 73/100
Allocate postcode: EH3

The Pubic Triangle

Ill is the word
and ill is the feeling

Dickhead men
in shirts

A bar of soap
going brown
except to clean
lighter fluid
or grease
from smoky hands

Police by the Salvation Army
hassle at chucking out time
Some loud guys in the wee shop
buying a roll of tinfoil only
New needles round the corner
Thin and tense

Up online
with too much booze
You Forgot It In People
Rising late
and at a loss

in a big coat
Talking to bouncers
Bodysnatchers ignored
and left behind

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