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John Knox’s Grave by Aileen Ballantyne

In 100 Poems, poetry on February 15, 2009 at 5:02 pm

Title: John Knox’s Grave
Author: Aileen Ballantyne
Number: 77/100
Allocated postcode: EH1

John Knox’s Grave

Ye haivered an ye thonnered
an ye spewed oot yer wraith
frae the poupit ivery week.
Whit wid ye rant aboot nou John?
Cooncillors rippin up
yer fair toun
wi naither rhyme nor reason –
fur the trams?

Ye’re lyin oot thare neglec’it
unner caur space 23.
Its no richt really.
Fir a yer mony faults,
ye foonded a releegion.
But yae haed the last
lauch, efter a’.

Leuk: here’s anither, payin his respects.
This ane’s got a Ford Cortina,
sayin a prayer o’ thanks
ower yer tarry grave-slab
fir that rarest o’ things:
a parkin place in Embro.

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  2. Enjoyed this a lot. Though I’ve no knowledge of Scots, the poem’s power came through loud and clear, even if I stumbled over one or two of the words. Thank you, Aileen Ballantyne.

  3. […] Oliver Benton, an enthusiastic, vibrant, enterprising and hugely talented ECA student, made this vignette for this poem, also see his interpretation of John Knox’s grave. […]

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