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Festive, All by Greg Whelan

In 100 Poems, poetry on February 13, 2009 at 11:52 pm

Title: Festive, All
Author: Greg Whelan
Number: 50/100
Allocated postcode: EH1

Festive, All

August, August!
The newspaper headline says “Invasion”
But it’s a Burgh p-aper and they spelt it “Welcome”.
What a stupit fucking

“Ah hate aw these
foreign cunts
The streets are unbearable, taks me
Five minutes longer ti get ma paper in
The morning- [Be] side

the shows are shite
And ah can see thum aw on ma telly
Without ony cunts
Standin on ma taes, kin?”

Sink b
My secret skin

For the
“Shite, eh?”

only Fife,
seems further


Every year in
August, August!

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